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About me

Hello I’m Marianna, I’m an incurable in love with art. I attended the Art Institute Paolo Toschi in Parma, Art and performing arts cinema, theatre. I continued my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna, my degree is in communication and pedagogy of art.

During the years I started to make photos and videoart,when I start shooting and create my style I have understood that I want to pass down the emotions that I feel, and the feelings of the other people, so also my pictures are not always in the same line, sometimes are quite and peaceful and othertimes are dark and creepy.

Currently the focus of my research is about the strongness of women and the anxiety of our society.

I attended in February 2019 a workshop with Juliano Salgado about Video and Photography.

I’m a person who loves to experiment languages…

Languages of digital drowing, painting, video, photography…but you know what I love most of all?

create dialogues with different languages.